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And help the team to finance the infrastructure

With donations and mining we can support the project based on everyones capacities.

Supportive mining

You can also support Scala by donating a percentage of your mining rewards on the supportive mining pools.

XLA donations

- Transaction fee via ScalaPay (beta): 1 XLA
- XLA donations are converted and added to the BTC value.

Thank you for the support!

1. Server costs

September 2019

0.00008000 BTC / 0.0125 BTC

Recent donations
Date Time Txid Amount
05 Sep, 2019 09:31:09 4fae2bd198fb4e40e984b42da0bfdfc85ec228cd8485583c6e618431f95e5941 20 000.00 XLA
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Scala address (XLA)

2. Scala project

These donations are used for arising expenses like exchange listing fees, hardware, events and so on.
This month: ? BTC

First goal not reached ...

When we reach the first goal, this possibility to donate opens up.

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